How to Ensure the Success of Tutoring Sessions


Based in the Washington, DC, Metro Area, Binta Robinson serves the local community as an attorney. During her undergraduate studies at Spelman College, Binta Robinson tutored other students in chemistry.

With the right tips, both experienced and new tutors can facilitate successful teaching sessions and help their students reach their educational goals. Perhaps the most crucial element of each lesson is the right amount of preparation. Prior to meeting with their students for the first time, tutors should make sure to assess their unique learning issues. These could be anything from needing help with a particular school subject to seeking guidance during exam preparations. Tutors should also make sure to arrange lessons in a quiet area to help their students focus and learn more effectively.

It is equally important that tutors act as a guide instead of teaching in a more hands-on style. After providing a demonstration on how to complete a task, tutors should let students do the remainder of the work on their own. This will help foster independence and ensure that they learn more effectively. Tutors can further guide their students’ progress by asking them to explain how they completed each task and offer constructive responses.