About the Washington Foreign Law Society – Membership and Sponsorship

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Washington Foreign Law Society
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A juris doctor graduate of the George Washington University law school, Binta Robinson is an attorney who was licensed in the District of Columbia and is an active member in the D.C. Bar.

Established in 1952, the nonprofit Washington Foreign Law Society is an educational organization dedicated to the study and understanding of comparative legal issues and other international legal and non-legal matters. Well-situated in the nation’s capital, the society connects its members with a wide variety of organizations, including academic institutions, professional firms, and United States governmental agencies, among others. Open to students, government employees, and members of the legal profession, the Washington Foreign Law Society offers both one-year and recurring memberships. Members receive a number of benefits, including admission to exclusive events and the society’s annual gala meeting. Additionally, the society grants sponsorship opportunities, which can not only be used to grant individual memberships, but may also garner a company or institution notice on its website and in its event programs.


The Washington Foreign Law Society

DC-licensed Attorney Binta Robinson, who earned her JD from the George Washington University Law School, received a BS in biochemistry from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.  Binta Robinson enhances her networking opportunities by keeping abreast of developments in several professional organizations, including the American Bar Association, the Washington Bar Association, and the Washington Foreign Law Society.

The Washington Foreign Law Society, as its name implies, is a forum within which members and others can enhance their understanding and knowledge of legal issues outside the United States, as well as foreign law and comparative legal issues. Its location in Washington, DC, which is a center of internationally oriented diplomatic, commercial, academic, and financial activity, helps the Society serve a broad group of professionals in and out of the legal profession.

Except for the summer months, the Society sponsors monthly luncheons, during which topics of current interest are addressed by speakers from the U.S. and foreign governments, private practice, and international institutions. The Society hosts other events annually, including an embassy roundtable, a diplomatic reception, the Spring Annual Meeting and garden party, and the dinner gala.

In addition to the luncheons and annual events, the Society hosts a broad range of symposia, panel discussions, and presentations on the myriad topics of pressing concern that members deal with on a daily basis. Recent events included a panel discussion on the state of human rights for women, a comparison of constitutional rights in Switzerland and the U.S., and, on the eve of the anniversary of the terrorist assault on Charlie Hebdo in January 2015, a panel discussion by attorneys and journalists reviewing the attack’s impact on a free press and free expression.

More information about the Washington Foreign Law Society, its programs, and membership is available on the organization’s website at www.wfls.org.