Pedro Martinez’s 1997 Pitching Season

Pedro Martinez pic
Pedro Martinez

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In 1997, Pedro Martinez recorded one of the finest pitching seasons in Washington Nationals history. Playing as a member of the then Montreal Expos, Martinez started 31 games for the franchise and ended the season with a record of 17 wins, fifth in all of Major League Baseball (MLB). He finished the year with 305 strike outs, 67 walks, and just 16 home runs allowed. His 9.0 win above replacement (WAR) rating stands as the highest single league mark in Washington Nationals history nearly two decades later.

At 1.90, Pedro Martinez led the league in earned run average, an achievement that led to Martinez winning the 1997 pitching title. He managed to lead the league in ERA despite pitching a league high 13 complete games and more than 241 total innings. During the season Martinez was named to the 1997 National League All Star team. He received a number of additional accolades at the close of the season, including being named winner of the National League Cy Young Award.

Washington Nationals Could Face Pitching Issues in 2016

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Washington Nationals

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Heading into the 2016 season, the Washington Nationals hope to carry the momentum from last year, which left them in second place in the National League East with an overall record of 83-79. One area the Nats will likely focus on improving this year is pitching, especially in the bullpen.

Although the Nats has several excellent starting pitchers in Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, and Gio Gonzalez, they lack the depth they need at the position. The only pitcher the Nats have at the bottom of the rotation with MLB experience is Bronson Arroyo, but his future is uncertain following a shoulder injury.

As far as the bullpen is concerned, it hinges on the work of eight relievers who are competent but little more than average in the stats department. If injuries plague the relief lineup, the Nats’ bullpen could quickly become less than average. For the team to improve this year, the pitchers have to stay healthy, and those at the bottom of the rotation have to step up their game.