How to Ensure the Success of Tutoring Sessions


Based in the Washington, DC, Metro Area, Binta Robinson serves the local community as an attorney. During her undergraduate studies at Spelman College, Binta Robinson tutored other students in chemistry.

With the right tips, both experienced and new tutors can facilitate successful teaching sessions and help their students reach their educational goals. Perhaps the most crucial element of each lesson is the right amount of preparation. Prior to meeting with their students for the first time, tutors should make sure to assess their unique learning issues. These could be anything from needing help with a particular school subject to seeking guidance during exam preparations. Tutors should also make sure to arrange lessons in a quiet area to help their students focus and learn more effectively.

It is equally important that tutors act as a guide instead of teaching in a more hands-on style. After providing a demonstration on how to complete a task, tutors should let students do the remainder of the work on their own. This will help foster independence and ensure that they learn more effectively. Tutors can further guide their students’ progress by asking them to explain how they completed each task and offer constructive responses.


Wintley Phipps and the U.S. Dream Academy

U.S. Dream Academy pic
U.S. Dream Academy

With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Spelman College and a JD from George Washington University, Binta Robinson is currently a DC-licensed attorney, who is an active member of the Bar of the District of Columbia. While at Spelman, she sang in a gospel choir. Today, Ms. Robinson continues to enjoy the genre, particularly the sounds of Wintley Phipps.

Wintley Phipps sings gospel music with a rich baritone voice, but singing is not his only passion. In 1998, he founded the U.S. Dream Academy, a nonprofit organization that serves children who have one incarcerated parent.

The U.S. Dream Academy has community learning centers located in eight high-poverty, high-crime cities across the country. The organization purposes to break the poverty cycle by offering kids after-school programs that provide one-on-one mentoring, academic tutoring, technology education, and, most importantly, stability and emotional support.

The U.S. Dream Academy requires each participant to spend 11 to 15 hours outside of school each week in an interactive learning environment, and attentive mentors in the program facilitate this. Their approach focuses on the whole child, concentrating on values and encouraging youths to dream.

President Washington’s School, attended by Binta Robinson

George Washington University pic
George Washington University

Binta Robinson earned her Juris Doctor from George Washington University Law School.  George Washington University Law School is one of the colleges at George Washington University and is Washington, D.C.’s oldest law school.  George Washington University has its beginnings in the wishes of President George Washington himself. When the United States was still a fledgling nation, Washington recommended that Congress should establish a university in the nation’s capital to educate future civil servants in the principles of American government. In his will, President Washington left 50 shares of Patowmack Canal Company stock in support of this cause.

The university that Washington dreamed of was not built until after the federal city bearing his name had been completed and then burned nearly to the ground by the British in 1814, an event remembered as the Burning of Washington. Seven years later, in 1821, George Washington University opened its doors, and they have remained open ever since. The final culmination of the first President’s dream came in the form of the Law School, which opened decades later in 1865, just before the completion of the U.S. Capitol Building. Today, George Washington University Law School continues to educate students in the tradition of civic service that its namesake espoused more than 200 years ago.

About Binta Robinson:
Binta Robinson earned her Juris Doctor from George Washington University Law School in 2006. George Washington University Law School is one of the colleges at George Washington University and is Washington, D.C.’s oldest law school.