Pedro Martinez’s 1997 Pitching Season

Pedro Martinez pic
Pedro Martinez

Experienced Washington, DC, attorney Binta Robinson engages with a variety of local organizations. In addition to maintaining memberships with professional groups such as the Washington Foreign Law Society, Binta Robinson attends local sporting events, including Washington Nationals games.

In 1997, Pedro Martinez recorded one of the finest pitching seasons in Washington Nationals history. Playing as a member of the then Montreal Expos, Martinez started 31 games for the franchise and ended the season with a record of 17 wins, fifth in all of Major League Baseball (MLB). He finished the year with 305 strike outs, 67 walks, and just 16 home runs allowed. His 9.0 win above replacement (WAR) rating stands as the highest single league mark in Washington Nationals history nearly two decades later.

At 1.90, Pedro Martinez led the league in earned run average, an achievement that led to Martinez winning the 1997 pitching title. He managed to lead the league in ERA despite pitching a league high 13 complete games and more than 241 total innings. During the season Martinez was named to the 1997 National League All Star team. He received a number of additional accolades at the close of the season, including being named winner of the National League Cy Young Award.


About the Washington Foreign Law Society – Membership and Sponsorship

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Washington Foreign Law Society

A juris doctor graduate of the George Washington University law school, Binta Robinson is an attorney in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Currently engaged in establishing her own law office, Binta Robinson maintains membership with organizations like the Washington Foreign Law Society.

Established in 1952, the nonprofit Washington Foreign Law Society is an educational organization dedicated to the study and understanding of comparative legal issues and other international legal and non-legal matters. Well-situated in the nation’s capital, the society connects its members with a wide variety of organizations, including academic institutions, professional firms, and United States governmental agencies, among others. Open to students, government employees, and members of the legal profession, the Washington Foreign Law Society offers both one-year and recurring memberships. Members receive a number of benefits, including admission to exclusive events and the society’s annual gala meeting. Additionally, the society grants sponsorship opportunities, which can not only be used to grant individual memberships, but may also garner a company or institution notice on its website and in its event programs.

How to Ensure the Success of Tutoring Sessions


Based in the Washington, DC, Metro Area, Binta Robinson serves the local community as an attorney. During her undergraduate studies at Spelman College, Binta Robinson tutored other students in chemistry.

With the right tips, both experienced and new tutors can facilitate successful teaching sessions and help their students reach their educational goals. Perhaps the most crucial element of each lesson is the right amount of preparation. Prior to meeting with their students for the first time, tutors should make sure to assess their unique learning issues. These could be anything from needing help with a particular school subject to seeking guidance during exam preparations. Tutors should also make sure to arrange lessons in a quiet area to help their students focus and learn more effectively.

It is equally important that tutors act as a guide instead of teaching in a more hands-on style. After providing a demonstration on how to complete a task, tutors should let students do the remainder of the work on their own. This will help foster independence and ensure that they learn more effectively. Tutors can further guide their students’ progress by asking them to explain how they completed each task and offer constructive responses.

The Challenge of Estimating the Length of a Tennis Match


Binta Robinson is an attorney with a focus on special education law. Outside of her law practice, Binta Robinson stays physically active through squash and tennis.

Estimating the length of a tennis match can be difficult. Unlike sports such as soccer and American football, the rules of tennis involve no time constraints, other than the amount of time players are allotted between points and on changeovers. Players are required to win six games in a set, but due to the nature of advantage scoring, a game can consist of four points or 20 or more points, lasting anywhere from just over a minute to 15 minutes or longer. The longest game in the history of tennis included 37 deuces and nearly 80 total points.

The issue of estimating the length of a tennis match is further compounded by the fact that the parameters of a match can change from one venue to the next. Most matches on the men’s and women’s tours are played in a best-of-three-set format. However, a number of men’s events are played as best-of-five-set tournaments. In 2014, a best-of-three-set match at the Miami Open between Jarkko Nieminen and Bernard Tomic lasted just 28 minutes. On the other hand, John Isner won the longest match in tennis history at the 2010 Wimbledon Championships, defeating Nicolas Mahut over five sets in a match that lasted 11 hours and five minutes.

The unpredictability regarding the length of a tennis match is best exemplified by a study conducted at the 2010 US Open. Based on a sample of 117 matches, the average time of a best-of-five-set match was two hours and 16 minutes. However, only 51 percent of matches finished within 30 minutes of this average, and just 79 percent were completed within 60 minutes of this time.